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What is Wisconsin without its cheese?

It is not only a product, but a trademark, a symbol, a local treasure! 

"The University of Wisconsin-Madison's college of agriculture has conducted research that has changed not only Wisconsin's economy, but also the world's. When Babcock developed a test that measured milkfat in 1890, it allowed dairy farmers to determine milk's actual value and spurred more investment in the industry. By 1910, Wisconsin had become the nation's leader in cheese production — a title it holds to this day. And the growth continues. In fact, if Wisconsin was a country it would rank as the world's fourth-largest cheese maker.

Wisconsin's reputation for dairy innovation and leadership is well earned and continues to this day. Wisconsin was the first state to grade its cheeses for quality, it is the only state that mandates its cheesemakers be licensed and is the only state with a Master Cheesemaker Program. This commitment to product safety and quality assures consumers that when they buy Wisconsin cheeses, they are buying some of the finest cheeses in the world, a claim that is supported by the fact Wisconsin wins more awards than all other states combined at U.S. and world cheese competitions.

And it all begins on our farms. It is often said that farmers were the first environmentalists. Today's dairy farmers are corn growers, soybean producers, growers of alfalfa. They often manage forestlands and play critical roles in assuring creeks and streams remain pure. Perhaps at no other time in our history has the fishing in our rural rivers and creeks been as abundant as it is today.

The hallmark of Wisconsin's dairy industry has been this ongoing collaboration of farmers, cheesemakers and processors, the state's educational system and an array of suppliers working together to build upon the leadership and innovation of the visionaries of the past. Dairying is an important part of our state's collective history and hopes to be just as an important part of our future."

~ James Robson, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board



                               GENERAL PARTICIPATION:

All cheese products presented at the Cheese Festival at the market must be produced by the vendor-participant within a 30­mile radius of Menomonie. The Market Manager reserves the right to include participants outside of that radius if inclusion of the product will enhance the festival. All participants must be approved.


All Participants must first submit completed application

Participants give Menomonie Farmer’s Market a permission to use pictures of their product taken by the Menomonie Farmer’s Market staff during the festival and to also use public pictures of their business retrieved electronically from participant’s business FB page or website/etsy to promote the event. Participants will be assigned a Festival Spot and must provide their own tables and chairs.



Festival participants are allowed to sell their products during the festival. We suggest that you have someone at the booth helping with the sales. It is the responsibility of every participant to know if it is required to collect and remit Wisconsin Sales Tax. It is a responsibility of participants to know if they need a license and obtain all licenses and permits required by the Dunn County Public Health Department and the State of Wisconsin.  Copies of all licenses and permits must be on file with Market Manager prior to selling at the Market.

Participants may not advertise that they have organic product unless they have been certified organic. A copy of the certification must be on file with Market Manager.



Menomonie Farmer's Market 2017 Cheese Festival is on Saturday - June 17

Festival Times are: 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Festival will occur rain or shine. If there is a severe storm the Festival will not be held. If a severe storm occurs during the Festival participants, vendors and customers can use the bathrooms located in the band shell.


                 DURING THE FESTIVAL:

Participant space is ten feet by ten feet and marked with a number. Upon arrival, Participants will be assigned a designated space and given a voting jar to be displayed for the tokens. Participants must furnish their own tents, tables & chairs. Vendors are responsible for cleaning their space at the end of Festival. Festival Participants may start setting up at 6 AM. No late arrivals; vendors will not be allowed to set up after 10 AM. Sales are NOT allowed prior to market hours (before 8 AM). All participants must have at least 2 samples of cheese for festival entry. (One is for display, other for the sampling.). Participants must follow safe food handling rules to give samples. The cheese should be labeled with: name, address, phone # (area code included),Email address and What They Are. All participants must present at the market at the festival. Entries must be ready by 10 am and Festival begins at 10:30

All Menomonie Farmer’s Market Customers will be given a voting token. It is suggested that participants greet all customers and have them try a sample of their product. Leftover products may NOT be placed in the trash bins. Respect other vendors and market customers.  Profanity, yelling, and heckling will not be tolerated. Consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking are not allowed in the market area. Price and terms of sale are solely between buyer and seller.All vendors agree to abide by fair business practices. No stakes to be used in Wilson Park. Use of weights is recommended for tents.

Parking area for vendors is on the 7th Street. No vendors may remain parked on 8th Street, 9th Avenue or Wilson Avenue. These spaces are reserved for customers and event patrons. If a participant is not able to attend festival for any reason, they must contact market manager. Cancellation notice can be sent via email to: or via text message to Veronika 715-641-0050.


         FESTIVAL  FEE

The 2017 CHEESE FESTIVAL Fee is due at the time of registration.  FESTIVAL Fee as follows:

  • Menomonie Farmer's Market Vendors - FREE

  • Non-Vendors - $15

  • All Fees are not-refundable

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