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Meet The Team

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Maggie K.

Menomonie Farmers Market

Volunteer Coordinator

Veronika Zazovsky

Menomonie Farmers Market

Executive Director

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Katie Baier

Menomonie Farmers Market


Public Relations / Social Media

Menomonie Farmers Market
Board of Directors

The Menomonie Farmers Market is overseen by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS .

The board of directors will consist of 3 members who must be active market vendors or patrons and active in the community. 

Board of directors will serve for a term of three years at which time there will be new elections held. Board elections must be held in October and board term should be November 01 – October 31. Board Members can choose to serve consecutive terms, if they wish to.

The board members shall have their contact information available to the market vendors and community. The board shall meet at least two  times throughout the year to address organizational interests.

The board of directors is a non-paid, volunteer position.

The Board, as the governing body of the organization, has the responsibility and opportunity to hire the Executive Director. This is the most important decision that Board members will make during their tenure.

The board is responsible for hiring and establishing compensation (salary and benefits) for the executive director/CEO and management team that is “reasonable and not excessive,” but is also enough to attract and retain the best possible talent to lead the organization.


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Casey Sutliff


Vendor since: 2019



Veronika Zazovsky


Vendor since: 2008



Katie Baier


Vendor since: 2017


Seasonal Helpers & Friends

Maggie K.

Volunteer/Kids Booth

Jessica C.

Volunteer/Kids Booth

Matthew T.

Volunteer/Music Jam

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