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Do I need a license to sell at the market?

Whether or not a vendor needs a license is determined by the type of product a vendor is offering for sale at the market.


Vendors do not need to have a license to sell fresh produce and flowers they have grown, raw unaltered honey or maple syrup they have harvested,  canned fruits and vegetables (naturally acidic or acidified by pickling or fermenting) they have made in their home kitchen,  or original art that they have made from scratch. 

Vendors offering processed foods or "ready to eat foods" - anything cooked, baked, processed, a product that is "potentially hazardous" (needs refrigeration or otherwise temperature sensitive and perishable) are only approved to participate if have a license.


In most cases, if you are asking yourself if you need a license – you do need a license.


Let us look at some of the most common products sold at the market. Please note that this list is not all inclusive and if you have any further questions- reach out to the market manager for more information.

It is responsibility of vendors to display a license (if any) in their booth. It is recommended that vendors group products sold under a license together and away from products that are not sold under a license.

A copy of a license(s) must be submitted with an application to be approved to participate at the market.


No license is required

Processed produce

(dehydrated, peeled, cut,  fried, etc)

Commercial Kitchen, Food Processing Plant license is required

Pure maple syrup and pure honey

No License is required

Infused maple syrup and honey

Food Processing Plant license is required

Canned acidified vegetables/ chutneys/salsa / preserves

No License is required

Fruit Butter/Preserves/ Jams & Jelly / Applesauce / Marmalade

No License is required

Raw Meat, Raw Fish & Meat/Fish Products (Sausage, Processed Meat/Fish)

Retail Food license, Mobile Retail Food License

Fresh Eggs and poultry

Mobile Retail Food License

Dairy & cheese

Mobile Retail Food License/Dairy Plant License

Canned meat and eggs

Commercial kitchen, Food processing plant license is required

Bread and baked goods (shelf stable)

Commercial Kitchen, Retail Food License

or Commercial Kitchen, Food Processing Plant License

Potentially Hazardous Baked Goods

Commercial Kitchen, Food Processing Plant License

Ready to eat foods

Food Stand License OR Commercial Kitchen, Food Processing Plant License


Seller's Permit is Required


Commercial Feed License


Let us know!

All products offered for sale at the Menomonie Farmer's Market must be grown/produced by the vendor. Absolutely no resales/wholesale products.  All products must be listed on the application and the Market Manager has the discretion to decide if the products fit into the local market theme. All vendors when applying must submit a copy of their current licenses to be approved to sell products that require a license.  The Menomonie Farmer's Market does not allow multi-level marketing vendors and does not allow home bakers, liquor or tobacco vendors to participate. The Market Manager reserves the right to include products grown outside of the Menomonie area if inclusion of the product will enhance the market.

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