If you are a NEW applicant seeking Summer 2021 membership please fill out NEW VENDOR FORM.

If you are a returning vendor and have not received a printed copy of the application in a mail, please email:

Printed copies are ALWAYS available at the market - stop at manager's booth during market hours if you would like a printed copy. 

Applications are accepted year round and are subject to approval.


revised 5.21



Menomonie Farmer’s Market is a producers-only market. All vendors agree to follow the Integrity Principle of a producers-only market and allow market staff and/or advisory board members to perform farm visits in accordance with the market Integrity Policy.


All products being sold during the market must be produced by the vendor within a 30-mile radius of Menomonie. The Market Manager reserves the right to include products outside of that radius if inclusion of the product will enhance the market.


Membership is not guaranteed. All applications are subject to approval.





All new vendors must first submit completed New Vendor Form and have a farm/business visit prior to approval.


Businesses with a storefront will be pre-approved by the Market Manager on a case-by-case basis.


Vendors give Menomonie Farmer’s Market a permission to use pictures of their farm, process or finished work taken by the Menomonie Farmer’s Market staff during farm/business visit and to also use public pictures of their business retrieved electronically from businesses’  social media ( FB, Instagram or other)  or website/Etsy to promote the market.


Vendors will be assigned stalls prior to the first market day based on returned applications. Stalls will be assigned ONLY for the days that are specified on the “Menomonie Farmer’s Market Application”.  If extra days added during the season space might be different for the days added.


Spots are assigned on a first come-first served basis, based on the date of application received with full-time produce vendors given priority for the pavilion.


All returning vendors are given two weeks prior to application deadline to return their applications before applications become available for new vendors on April 1st. Any returning vendors applying for the membership after April 1st will lose their advantage and application will be processed in accordance with all other new vendor applications.


Vendors are guaranteed a same seasonal spot only if applying for a full season only.


Vendors applying for less than a full season and full-time vendors that have applied after the due date are not guaranteed same spot and can be moved from one spot to another during the season as spots become available.


If a vendor decides to add more days other than specified in the original application, then they must inform the Market Manager in advance. Vendors are not guaranteed to keep the same spots on those additional days.




It is the responsibility of every vendor to know if it is required to collect and remit Wisconsin Sales Tax.


Only licensed vendors offering meat, poultry, fish, eggs, processed foods or “ready to eat” foods will be approved to participate, unless exempt from licensing under the “Pickle Bill”. Home bakers are not permitted to participate. Unless a product is covered under the “Pickle Bill”, sale of processed foods without a license is not allowed at the market.


Vendors offering processed or "ready to eat" foods are responsible for obtaining all licenses and permits to be approved to sell such items at the Menomonie Farmer's Market. Licenses are to be issued by the Dunn County Public Health Department or the State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.  Copies of all licenses and permits must be on file with Market Manager prior to selling at the Market.


All permits and licenses are the sole responsibility of the vendors.  Applicants must submit copies of all permits/licenses with their application OR at least five days prior to the first day of attendance if licenses are still being processed at the time of application. Vendors are responsible to provide an update to the market manager if their licenses are being revoked, annulled, re-issued or annually renewed within one week of the licensing change.

It is suggested that all permits be displayed for customers to view.


Vendors may not advertise that they have organic products unless they have been certified organic. A copy of the certification must be on file with Market Manager.


All vendors agree to obey General Food Labeling Guidance and follow all labeling requirements as applicable to the product they sell. All labels must include name of the business/maker, including any labels packaged by a third party.  





Menomonie Farmer's Market will open for the summer season on the third Saturday in May and run every Wednesday and Saturday through the third Saturday in October.


2020 Market Days and Times are: Wednesdays 10AM-6PM and Saturdays 8AM-1PM.


Vendors may participate full season, half season or partial season.


The Market will occur rain or shine. If there is a severe storm the market will not be held. If a severe storm occurs during the market vendors and customers are directed use the bathrooms located in the band shell.






Only vendors and/or their designated helpers are allowed to sell at the market.


Vendor space is approximately ten feet by ten feet. Inside the pavilion absolutely no nails, staples or other damaging fasteners are to be used. Outside the pavilion absolutely no stakes are to be driven into the grass, use of weights for the tents is recommended.


Vendors must furnish their own tents, tables & chairs. Vendors selling “ready to eat” lunch foods are required to sell from Food Trucks OR White Tents only. 


If a Vendor chooses to use sides for their tent, they must be those manufactured specifically to be used with a tent.


Vendors are responsible for cleaning their space at the end of each Market Day. Vendors serving ready to eat foods are responsible for cleaning the tables and taking away garbage to the dumpster.


Items may NOT be placed in front of vendor space. No food items may be placed directly on the ground.


Vendors will not be allowed to set up after 8AM on Saturday or 10AM on Wednesday. 


Vendors are to drive up, unload and move their car/trucks immediately to allow space for other vendors. Vendors may not start organizing their booth while their car remains parked on the customer parking space.


Vendors are prohibited from driving into the Pavilion or on the grass.  


Parking area for vendors and/or helpers is on the 7th Street. Vendors and/or their helpers may not remain parked on 8th Street, 9th Avenue or Wilson Avenue. These spaces are reserved for customers and event patrons.


Sales are NOT allowed prior to market hours (before 8 AM on Saturday/10 AM on Wednesday).


Respect other vendors and market customers.  Profanity, yelling, and heckling will not be tolerated.


Vendors may not sublet space.  Market Manager retains the right to approve and facilitate all arrangements pertaining to subletting space.


Consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking are not allowed in the market area. This applies to vendors, helpers, and customers.


Price and terms of sale are solely between buyer and seller.   All prices must be displayed. All vendors agree to abide by fair business practices.


Vendors may begin to tear down their booths at 6 PM on Wednesdays and 1 PM on Saturdays.


Vendors may leave the market earlier ONLY

  • if there is a family emergency

  •  if they sell out prior to the end of the market day

  • at 2PM on Wednesdays (must be completely out by 2:30 PM)

Vendors must inform the market manager that they will leave early prior to breaking down their booth.


Vendors must first tear down their booths, fold tents, have their products in bins/boxes and only then drive up to load items in the car/truck.


Leftover produce/products may NOT be placed in the trash bins. Vendors are invited to participate in market’s ZERO WASTE efforts and :

  • Use Compost basket or talk to other vendors: they may be interested in using it for compost.

  • Donate to Stepping Stones/Food Pantry

  • Participate in low-cost CSA program

  • Participate in “Blooming Town” flower donation program


If a vendor is not able to attend market for any reason and must cancel, they need to contact market manager no later than 6AM on Saturdays and 8AM on Wednesdays. Cancellation notice can be sent via email to: or via text message to Veronika 715-641-0050.


If a vendor is not in attendance for a period of two weeks without prior notice, the application will be void and vending space will be considered open to other vendors.


If a vendor fails to notify the market manager of a cancellation and does not appear at a scheduled market date, it will be considered a "No-Show".  If a vendor does this more than 3 times, they will risk losing their spot.


If a vendor is not able to attend a market for any reason, they can have helpers that will be selling for them. This can be a family member, friend or hired person. Other vendors that have membership with the Menomonie Farmer’s Market cannot be helpers if they also have a booth at the market on the same day.


One person cannot sell at two booths on the same day. This does not apply to bathroom/lunch breaks while vendors are present at the market.


All helpers must know and follow the Market Rules and Regulations and have a Helper Form signed. If a helper violates the market rules, the violation is issued under Vendor’s name. 





Vendors are invited to join a closed group for vendors on Facebook to express their experiences and thoughts about the market. Posting any internal market matters, such as vendor’s conflicts, violations, vendor’s discussions and other confidential matters on public pages is prohibited.


Vendors may not act as a Farmer’s Market representative on any social media platforms and speak as a farmer’s market unless they manage the Farmer’s Market page.


Vendors may not create pages or events on social media for the Menomonie Farmer’s markets. All events are created by the official Farmer’ Market page and vendors may add those to their personal or business pages.


Vendors are highly welcome to tag Menomonie Farmer’s Market, post in events or on Facebook page for the Menomonie Farmer’s Market. Use of hashtag #GetFreshWithUs is encouraged.


Market management will do their best to share vendor’s posts to the market page, if the post is made public. Management can not see vendor’s posts on social media if they were blocked.


Use of Menomonie Farmer’s Market & West CAP logo or images taken by the West CAP staff is allowed with a written permission only.





Membership Fees are due at the time of application. Membership fees are published on the current year application.


All Fees are non-refundable.


West CAP’s Market Manager will enforce all rules and regulations.  Disregard for any market rules will cause action to be taken.  West CAP retains the right to prohibit a vendor form participating in the market, without a refund, if rules are broken. If a vendor wants to appeal a decision, the appeal must be in written form and can be sent to 

Menomonie Farmer’s Market

800 Wilson Ave Room 330

Menomonie, WI 54751